“Act of the scribe” workshop in Athens

workshoplogoX_mustapohjaThe workshop took place in Athens, Greece, and was aimed at discussing various aspects of scribal work and how these relate to language use and language change in Graeco-Roman Antiquity. Because a lot of information we have on scribes comes from papyrus texts, the workshop was heavily populated by Egyptologists and Coptologists! But there appears to have been some space reserved also for us epigraphists!

I found it to be a sad coincidence that as we were busy with our workshop in sunny Athens (rather with an excursion to Mycenae the day after the workshop concluded), twin attacks on two Coptic churches in Egypt claimed the lives of dozens of worshipers.. The attack prompted some articles about who are the Copts and why they were being targeted.

A photo of the happy participants, taken at the courtyard of the Finnish Institute in Athens!AoS